Where to find knitting help

When you start knitting unless you live with someone who is a knitter you will always have questions about what something means and how to do such and such. Having easy access to resources helps immensely and the internet is full of help!

Learning knitting techniques

I would recommend (particularly if you are a visual learner) you visit www.youtube.com and search the item you are trying to learn about. (ie knit two together, pick up stitches etc) there are hundreds of very good videos with excellent clear instructions.
Expert Village and The Knitwitch are 2 very reliable contributors on youtube

Other useful websites for learning techniques.Try:
Knitting Help – useful videos and instructions on basic and advanced knitting techniques
Raverly – a large knitting community with plenty of forums to ask how to complete basic knitting techniques through to the specific help with a particular pattern. You need to register with Raverly but it is free and worth it!
KnitPicks – KnitPicks have a community forum with a large number of friendly knitters happy to answer any query you may have


Books and pamphlets are an obvious source of patterns but can be limiting – especially if you are looking for something quite specific you might not want to purchase a whole book. The internet has lots of opportunities for accessing free patterns (as well as purchasing patterns). Most of knitting websites now have downloadable patterns available but i would recommend the following if you are searching for inspiration and something specific:
Ravelry – has a huge database of patterns – both free and those that you need to pay for. I would highly recommend any knitter (or crocheter) to sign up to Raverly even if it is to access this resource
Lion Brand Yarn – also have a very good range of free patterns
Jean Greenhowes Designs – Jean Greenhowe is an excellent designer of toys, as well as being able to pay for downloads of patterns, there are free patterns on this site as well.


There are hundreds of knitting podcasts out there. Podcasts are a good way of learning about new techniques and finding inspiration for new items to knit. Some personal recommendations (but remember these might not be to your liking!) are:
KnitPicks with Kelley Petkun
Stash and Burn


There are thousands of knitting books available and it is nice to have some to hand, if you are like me and a lover of books! If you have a particularly favourite designer, or good general range of pattterns, or a book that is a quick reference of how to …
here are some of my favourites (so far – undoubtably i will add to them over time)

Knit Aid by Vickie Howell
A great quick reference book – fits in the knitting bag perfectly!

Stitch and Bitch By Debbie Stroller
A really useful book with a wide variety of fun, practical, down right silly patterns and lots of great tips.

Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard
I love this as it is a great book about knitting tops in the round – so no seams!


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