Knitting Abbreviations and Language

Knitting requires the knitter to learn a whole new language – you think you have it and then someone or a pattern will throw a new word or abbreviation and you have no idea what is meant.
To try to help I have added some of the more common abbreviations that you might find in knitting patterns – I am sure there are many more and will add as I discover them!

beg = beginning

bet = between

CC = contrast colour

CO = cast on

dec = decrease

dpn = double pointed needles

eor = every other row

Frogging = unraveling your knitting by pulling out the needles and pulling the thread

inc = increase

K2tog = knit 2 together (decrease)

K3tog = knit 3 together (decrease)

K2togtbl = Knit 2 together through the back loop (decrease)

K = knit

KB = knit through back of st (loop)

KFB = knit front and back (increase)

M1 = Make one increase

MC = Main Color

P = purl

PB = purl through back of st (loop)

psso = pass slipped st over

PW = purl wise (or as if to purl)

rem = remaining

sk = skip

sl = slip

sp = space

ssk = slip slip knit (decrease)

st = stitch

stst – stocking stitch (knit one row purl next knit next etc)

tbl = through back of loop (st)

tog = together

wl. fwd = wool forward

wrn = wool round needle

Y fwd = yarn forward

yo = yarn over

yon = yarn over needle

yrn = yarn round needle


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