Some finished projects at last

Well the last month I have been juggling various projects and not really finishing anything, but after a technologically frustrating weekend (of trying to to fix a computer in Portugal when I am in Scotland!) I manage to finish off two outstanding projects and I am really pleased with the results.

The first was the mossy jacket, I had several starts with a button band colour that was not working at all, then I found this dark dusky pink that is a complete contrast to the colours on the body and I liked it. I am not a pastel kind of girl so this salvaged the jacket for me! Let’s hope it fits this time. The pattern can be found here.

The second project I finished is a Waffle Cafetiere Cover. I love how this has turned out, the finished product looks really complicated but actually is a really simple stitch. There is a a couple of tricks to make this pattern work successfully, basic rule is on the even rows you need to knit quite loosely or you will end up with a very very tight slipped stitch! The pattern for this coffee cozie is not online but can be found in this Coffee Cozie book.

Meanwhile my first cabling project of a beret is on my needles, well actually needles from Charminglochie. They are the new acrylic knitpro interchangeable circular needles. I thought they would be very sticky but actually for cabling they are perfect!

I also continue with the Sidar Crofters ballet cardigan and i am also knitting a second of the Waffle Cafeterie Cover for my mum in a teal and cream colours.


~ by cloudpurple on March 21, 2010.

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