lots of knitting = lack of blogging

Well my resolution to write more has failed miserably hasn’t it. My excuse is I have been frantically knitting and trying to purchase new yarn for several projects (subject for another blog post I think!).

On 6th January I wrote about my Sidar ballet cardigan I was knitting. I was progressing very well until crisis – I ran out of yarn! solution buy some more yarn I hear you cry – unfortunately not so easy, the yarn had come from a market in Portugal! After some research my parents came to the rescue (they live in POrtugal) and they managed to purchase more balls of yarn. Phew we all sighed a sigh of relief – no, three weeks later the parcel carrying the yarn has not appeared…

In the meantime I decided to distract myself and get on with some other knitting.

I have a request from sister for various knitted items for her birthday to go in her new swanky kitchen. So I have knitted her this lovely tea cosy – I got this pattern from the internet but it also seems to appear in a book called Tea Cozies.
I am really pleased with how it has turned out. I have cast on a cafetière cosy from a book called Coffee Cozies in matching colours for her as well.

…In the meantime another package of wool purchased and posted from Portugal arrived, but still no sign of the yarn purchased for the cardigan…
The yarn that did arrive was to knit a replacement cardigan for my friends little girl Tilda – I had knitted her a cardigan for christmas called Mossy Jacket but it was too small. I have done a few of these for various little people in my life. It is an easy pattern to follow that is slightly different style with an off-centre fastening. The cardigan is knitted in the round – top down so no seams. I have completed the body section of the cardigan and looking for a yarn to do the edging.

…So meanwhile still waiting for the yarn; the lovely parents decided to go and buy another stash of the yarn before the market man sold out. It duly arrived within a week! 2 days after they posted this packet the missing packet of yarn arrived. I think the parcel must have been via every European city before coming to the Isle of Lewis as the postal service between Lewis and Portugal is usually excellent! It also means everyone might be getting gifts in the same yarn as my ballet cardi as I have a lot of it now!

so back to the knitting….


~ by cloudpurple on February 23, 2010.

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