Stornoway Knit and Natter

Stornoway Knit and Natter

Stornoway Knit and Natter (KnN) is back for the New Year!

Our first meeting for 2010 is at Eleven (Caladh Hotel) at 6pm on Wed 13th Jan, if you want to join us!  The theme (we don’t usually have themes but it is to kick us off for the New Year) is ‘what are your new year knitting resolutions?’

The Stornoway Knit and Natter is an informal group of people who like knitting – it isn’t a class, it isn’t a club, it is just an excuse to get together, do a bit of knitting and a lot of nattering! Some people quite like eating cake too!

Having said that KnN (started by the charming Charminglochie) has been a source of much knowledge, inspiration and lovely friends for me!
There is a wide range of  expertise and interests in the group, with people who have been knitting only a short time (including myself) and others that have been knitters for a long time, so it means if you are stuck on something, between members of the group you can usually find the answer. I learnt to knit socks thanks to knitters from KnN – it is more sharing skills than teaching. We also tend to share patterns and knitting books which is quite helpful as well.

I would recommend anyone who likes knitting (or crocheting) to join a local knit and natter (or more commonly known as stitch and bitch) group.

Obviously the Stornoway Knit and Natter group have a presence on Facebook and Raverly! If you want more information on the group or to be added to the mailing list contact Charminglochie over on her blog.


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