A new blog

I have been facing writers block over on my other blog – A view from an Island. This is for various reasons that I really don’t need to go into here, but it got me thinking about what I am doing and what I could blog about.
Knitting has turned into a serious passion of mine in the last 12 months and I sometimes write about knitted items on the other blog but decided maybe it would help un-stick that writers block if I could write about something I am excited about!

So my knitting story – I have never really been interested in knitting until about 3 years ago when I took a wet felting course and decided I really liked textile arts. I was not particularly fabulous at felting but really enjoyed it and liked some of the items I made. A friend of mine started saying she would teach me to knit, but with one thing and another I never got round to it and then moved 700 miles away to the remote Scottish Island of Lewis.
There is not a huge amount to do here (one of the attractions) so on a visit from my mother I asked her to bring some spare needles and teach me to knit and so she did – and to be honest I have never looked back.

It has been a huge learning curve :
there is a whole new language to learn when trying to read patterns – whoever thought it was just a case of knit one purl one is sadly mistaken.
Wool (actually should be called yarn) doesn’t just come in one type but there are many many many types.
There are even different types of needles, circular, straight, wooden, plastic, nickel, metal, inter-cahnageble, double-pointed and so on!
Despite all this newness – I have throughly enjoyed learning this new skill and also every time I think I have got it – I find something I didn’t know how to do and I have to keep on learning!

One of the really joyful things as well, as the learning, is that I have made some really good friends through our knitting group and found a whole new community on the internet – undoubtably I will be referring to these people and their work throughout the blog.

so that is why I am here…

and here is a small amount of my Christmas Knitting – Jean Greenhowes Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings


~ by cloudpurple on December 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “A new blog”

  1. Those stockings are the cutest things ever 🙂

  2. It’s always nice to be creative, and those socks sure come in useful with the weather you’ve got just now

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