Some finished projects at last

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Well the last month I have been juggling various projects and not really finishing anything, but after a technologically frustrating weekend (of trying to to fix a computer in Portugal when I am in Scotland!) I manage to finish off two outstanding projects and I am really pleased with the results.

The first was the mossy jacket, I had several starts with a button band colour that was not working at all, then I found this dark dusky pink that is a complete contrast to the colours on the body and I liked it. I am not a pastel kind of girl so this salvaged the jacket for me! Let’s hope it fits this time. The pattern can be found here.

The second project I finished is a Waffle Cafetiere Cover. I love how this has turned out, the finished product looks really complicated but actually is a really simple stitch. There is a a couple of tricks to make this pattern work successfully, basic rule is on the even rows you need to knit quite loosely or you will end up with a very very tight slipped stitch! The pattern for this coffee cozie is not online but can be found in this Coffee Cozie book.

Meanwhile my first cabling project of a beret is on my needles, well actually needles from Charminglochie. They are the new acrylic knitpro interchangeable circular needles. I thought they would be very sticky but actually for cabling they are perfect!

I also continue with the Sidar Crofters ballet cardigan and i am also knitting a second of the Waffle Cafeterie Cover for my mum in a teal and cream colours.


lots of knitting = lack of blogging

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Well my resolution to write more has failed miserably hasn’t it. My excuse is I have been frantically knitting and trying to purchase new yarn for several projects (subject for another blog post I think!).

On 6th January I wrote about my Sidar ballet cardigan I was knitting. I was progressing very well until crisis – I ran out of yarn! solution buy some more yarn I hear you cry – unfortunately not so easy, the yarn had come from a market in Portugal! After some research my parents came to the rescue (they live in POrtugal) and they managed to purchase more balls of yarn. Phew we all sighed a sigh of relief – no, three weeks later the parcel carrying the yarn has not appeared…

In the meantime I decided to distract myself and get on with some other knitting.

I have a request from sister for various knitted items for her birthday to go in her new swanky kitchen. So I have knitted her this lovely tea cosy – I got this pattern from the internet but it also seems to appear in a book called Tea Cozies.
I am really pleased with how it has turned out. I have cast on a cafetière cosy from a book called Coffee Cozies in matching colours for her as well.

…In the meantime another package of wool purchased and posted from Portugal arrived, but still no sign of the yarn purchased for the cardigan…
The yarn that did arrive was to knit a replacement cardigan for my friends little girl Tilda – I had knitted her a cardigan for christmas called Mossy Jacket but it was too small. I have done a few of these for various little people in my life. It is an easy pattern to follow that is slightly different style with an off-centre fastening. The cardigan is knitted in the round – top down so no seams. I have completed the body section of the cardigan and looking for a yarn to do the edging.

…So meanwhile still waiting for the yarn; the lovely parents decided to go and buy another stash of the yarn before the market man sold out. It duly arrived within a week! 2 days after they posted this packet the missing packet of yarn arrived. I think the parcel must have been via every European city before coming to the Isle of Lewis as the postal service between Lewis and Portugal is usually excellent! It also means everyone might be getting gifts in the same yarn as my ballet cardi as I have a lot of it now!

so back to the knitting….

Stornoway Knit and Natter

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Stornoway Knit and Natter

Stornoway Knit and Natter (KnN) is back for the New Year!

Our first meeting for 2010 is at Eleven (Caladh Hotel) at 6pm on Wed 13th Jan, if you want to join us!  The theme (we don’t usually have themes but it is to kick us off for the New Year) is ‘what are your new year knitting resolutions?’

The Stornoway Knit and Natter is an informal group of people who like knitting – it isn’t a class, it isn’t a club, it is just an excuse to get together, do a bit of knitting and a lot of nattering! Some people quite like eating cake too!

Having said that KnN (started by the charming Charminglochie) has been a source of much knowledge, inspiration and lovely friends for me!
There is a wide range of  expertise and interests in the group, with people who have been knitting only a short time (including myself) and others that have been knitters for a long time, so it means if you are stuck on something, between members of the group you can usually find the answer. I learnt to knit socks thanks to knitters from KnN – it is more sharing skills than teaching. We also tend to share patterns and knitting books which is quite helpful as well.

I would recommend anyone who likes knitting (or crocheting) to join a local knit and natter (or more commonly known as stitch and bitch) group.

Obviously the Stornoway Knit and Natter group have a presence on Facebook and Raverly! If you want more information on the group or to be added to the mailing list contact Charminglochie over on her blog.

I’m currently knitting…

•January 6, 2010 • 1 Comment

I say “currently knitting” but this has been on my needles since 27th July 2009 (according to my Raverly notebook!) and has been postponed for all the birthday and christmas knitting that was undertaken.
I am knitting the Sirdar Crofters cross over cardigan, without sleeves (see image below). I have altered the pattern so I can knit this as one piece on circular needles (I am not knitting in the round), so there are fewer seams to do – always a good thing.
I have never converted a pattern before and I am not sure if it will work but it seemed fairly easy to do once I laid it all out on a spreadsheet which I am following – so we shall see.
This is the first item of clothing I have knitted for myself and it is good to be doing something for myself as so much of my knitting is for others and though I enjoy this it is good to do something for yourself every once in a while?

Sirdar Crofter DK Crossover Cardigan

 think I might avoid the jaunty hat though ;0)

A new blog

•December 22, 2009 • 2 Comments

I have been facing writers block over on my other blog – A view from an Island. This is for various reasons that I really don’t need to go into here, but it got me thinking about what I am doing and what I could blog about.
Knitting has turned into a serious passion of mine in the last 12 months and I sometimes write about knitted items on the other blog but decided maybe it would help un-stick that writers block if I could write about something I am excited about!

So my knitting story – I have never really been interested in knitting until about 3 years ago when I took a wet felting course and decided I really liked textile arts. I was not particularly fabulous at felting but really enjoyed it and liked some of the items I made. A friend of mine started saying she would teach me to knit, but with one thing and another I never got round to it and then moved 700 miles away to the remote Scottish Island of Lewis.
There is not a huge amount to do here (one of the attractions) so on a visit from my mother I asked her to bring some spare needles and teach me to knit and so she did – and to be honest I have never looked back.

It has been a huge learning curve :
there is a whole new language to learn when trying to read patterns – whoever thought it was just a case of knit one purl one is sadly mistaken.
Wool (actually should be called yarn) doesn’t just come in one type but there are many many many types.
There are even different types of needles, circular, straight, wooden, plastic, nickel, metal, inter-cahnageble, double-pointed and so on!
Despite all this newness – I have throughly enjoyed learning this new skill and also every time I think I have got it – I find something I didn’t know how to do and I have to keep on learning!

One of the really joyful things as well, as the learning, is that I have made some really good friends through our knitting group and found a whole new community on the internet – undoubtably I will be referring to these people and their work throughout the blog.

so that is why I am here…

and here is a small amount of my Christmas Knitting – Jean Greenhowes Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings